Monty and Megan

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today's feature story: Monty (Waitak Thunder) and Megan from Auckland. Monty has been raised by the lovely Henny Laagland from Ngatea, and had a successful racing career before becoming a pet.

Monty says:

Hey guys – Monty here, or as my new mum calls me “The Mon-Star”. I’ve got myself a home in Auckland with my new mate RD ( an English Pointer cross - check out our pictures!) and I think I’m going to be pretty happy there. Mum does have some strange rules though. She doesn’t like it when I eat my bone on her bed and bury what’s left under her pillow for later. I know -I can’t understand it myself! Humans are strange. She growls a bit too… and I used to run and hide on her bed, but now I’ve worked out she’s not growling at me - she’s telling RD off… he’s the naughty one! Other than that, Mum’s pretty good to me. I have plenty of room to run and get to go “Supersonic” almost every day… Thanks to everyone at GAP for looking after me so well when I needed it and for finding me a home. Catch you at the group runs! Monstar