The Shakespeare play stars: Gracie and Luuca

Thursday, March 11, 2010
I just got a wonderful writeup from Cate Marshall from Simply Grey ( , whose little greyhound girl Gracie is currently starring in a Shakespeare play in Christchurch! (thanks a million Cate!).

Cate says:

From starring with Crowded House on stage, to becoming champions in the show ring. From excelling in many different sporting events to working tirelessly at GAP events. Now Shakespeare!

Above: Grace (Two Clouds) at work :-)

David Sheard, Director, has cast two Simply Grey and GAP stars for the upcoming Shakespeare's Richard II production. The two dogs, Luuca and Grace, have been cast as the Queen's dogs and are doing a fabulous job – they absolutely love the stage. They try and catch as much rest as they can during their busy schedules of rehearsals, hair and make up, styling and photo shoots!

I have to wonder if our hounds really thought this is what their retirement would be about!
If you would like to find out more about the show running from 24th March - 30th March please visit or check out the GAP website for more details.
We encourage all that can make it, to come along to this fabulous night of entertainment - I have had the fortunate opportunity to sneak around "behind the scenes" (no pun intended) and I cannot speak more highly of this production. A most stunning example of amazing talent. David Sheard has kindly offered his generous support to Simply Grey and will be donating a portion of proceeds from ticket sales to our project so that we can continue raising the profile of greyhounds throughout New Zealand. Thank you David!

Below: opening night, the Queen and her beloved pets(Luuca, Rachel Walsh and Grace)