Update on our puppy Lucy :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our little puppy Lucy has definitely come a long way in a short time she has been with us :-)
I thought to post some of her pictures and write a few sentences about her life now.

Louie LOVES her -it is so wonderful to see two of them having fun, sleeping together, sharing a car seat and running around Feilding parks. Louie even lets her share the holy of holies: his couch!
Louie has always been very happy with just humans and cat for company -but with Lucy, he is even happier! He now has 'his puppy', his sidekick that he can teach how to run, how to steal food and how to get on the couch :-)

Lucy has never raced, and sometimes Louie looks at us asking:" Will SOMEONE break this puppy in for racing? She has no idea how to race! I cant do it all myself! When are her trials starting? " :-)

Lucy is not even 2 years old yet, a puppy really, and in racing age :-)
As all young greyhounds , she LOVES to run and does need more exercise than your typical retired racer -who has done it all and is a true couch potato! Lucy has offleash exercise for at least for one hour every day, most days longer than that. She has filled in and gained some weight, but it is all hard muscle, because of all the exercise she gets. On pictures below (both taken by Sonja), she has just been swimming with Sonja's and Irene's racing girl Shawn; they are both wet, and you can see all Lucy's new muscles - doesn't she look amazing?

Lucy relaxing on her favourite duvet:

Lucy has also started doing RALLY-O with Rachel, and she is GREAT in it! She has already had her first trial:

I just realized i have no pictures of Louie and Lucy together! I will have to take some asap and post here.