A new NZ greyhound blog!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Update your bookmarks: we have another New Zealand based greyhound blog! YEY!

This is wonderful news, as so far, we have had only three greyhound blogs in this country:
Greyhounds Can Sit, written by amazing GAP volunteer Sue,
Stanley's World, written by always entertaining Stanley (with a bit of help from his humans!),
and this one of mine of course.

And now, Mila (Bronze For Macos) has a blog too:  Adventures Of Mila Grey .
Mila (nee Fiona) was one of our foster dogs; we are so proud of how well she has settled in with her new Mum and Dad, and are looking forward to many posts from her in the future!

Talking of blogs, Stanley has a great post on Animates Sylvia Park opening in Auckland. Greyhounds were in attendance, they charmed everyone and were very well behaved, despite the rabbits in the store!! :))
See Stanley's post and gorgeous pictures here:

Stanley fixating on a rabbit! :))) More hilarious pictures on Stanley's blog :)


dakinane said...

Fatima, thanks for the promotion of Stanley's latest post. He and Jess have been up to a lot this week. Christmas and the presents have brought out the imp in both of them. We will be updating his blog soon, as soon that is, as he is well enough after his latest exploit to dictate to us!