GO The Kat! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011
Smiler (Five Kay Kat) arrived to GAP a week ago and is ready for adoption. I met the gorgeous cuddly boy the other day and he is just the friendliest, waggy, happy doggie :)
He could have cuddles all day long :) He loves everybody :)

His trainers sent me a ferw pictures of him in his racing career and on Wanganui greyhound racing track -they loved Smiler and are missing him already :) Smiler  is a seasoned racer - 105 starts and many wins and placings.
Smiler and his trainer :)
Give me LOOOOVE!!!!:)
And a few pictures of Smiler on the winning podium in Wanganui (you can click on the pictures to see full size):