Update from foster care : Bree (Homebush Bree)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bree and Rusty
"Miss Personality", Bree (Homebush Bree), is being fostered  by Chez, Steve, Lauren and their greyhound Rusty (Classy Fort) in Taupo. They just sent us an update on the gorgeous girl:

What a fire cracker Bree can be! :)) When she's hungry she puts her head in the food bag and rattles it, she sleeps like a baby but likes to dangle her head over the side of her bed and grins constantly - in this mode we call her "Slack Alice" as she looks as though she as been out on the town, come home drunk, fallen half in/half out of bed but forgotten to take her false teeth out!
Bree looking like a lush who has come home drunk, fallen half in/half out of bed and forgotten
to take her teeth out - she really would make a fantastic drunk!!!!

She has so much puppy in her that it is hard to remember that she is 6 in a couple of days time, she loves to try to chew my shoes but is quickly learning NO! In fact I think that Christmas 2011 will forever be known as the NO BREE Christmas for the rest of time as it is heard every 15 minutes or so when she is awake!!!

Rusty is taking it all in his stride either ignoring her or looking at her like she as arrived from a different planet but they do have fun hooning round and round the garden at full speed like things possessed!!!! They are so different - he is a relaxed laid back boy and she is so full of mischief ! :)
When she first arrived I thought that she had started to growl at Rusty but it turns out that she is gurtting at him in the hope that he will jump up and chase her and if he still ignores her she bounces and pounces in front of him head down, bum up and talk wagging furiously! So far he has joined in much to her chagrin - the only time they have at it is in the garden and then they fly round Hell for Leather play growling about 90kph - you just can't keep a straight face no matter how hard you try - we end up laughing our heads off and they come to a quick stop to see what we are laughing at - priceless... ;)
Cockroaching :)
Damn paparazzi have found me again!

Nicked Rusty's bed again ...