Visit to a rest home last weekend

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowy (Cawbourne Snowy) making a new friend
Last Saturday, Canine Good Citizen dogs from our Dog Club were invited to visit to Edale Rest Home in Marton.
I have been wanting to do this with  greyhounds for a while - but other stuff always got in a way... So I was quite excited as Sue (Beryl's Mum ) and me made our way to Marton. Overseas, ex-racing Greyhounds are considered ideal prospects for therapy work in hospitals, hospices and rest homes.

On Saturday, Snowy (Cawbourne Snowy) and Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) joined other therapy dogs, mainly Labs/Retrievers. It was the very first time doing anything like this for both Beryl and Snowy -and it is just so amazing how well they did!

The Labradors/Retrievers from our club, most of them seasoned therapy dogs, did a wonderful job with the seniors: they were calm, performed tricks, were laying down at people's feet  and not coming too close into people's faces as not to intimidate or scare them.
I handled Snowy, and I was again amazed just how different  greyhounds are; Snowy, who has never ever done any therapy work, went and did the typical greyhound thing: he leaned on the residents, on their wheelchairs, he put his head gently in their lap, and looked into their eyes while gently sniffing residents' faces. He even kissed a few of them gently on the chin :)
He was AMAZING and a huge hit. :) I was so proud of him, and of his breed and their temperament.

Beryl took a while to get into it, but she did great too:

Beryl :)
Snowy wore a Santa hat :)
The team :)