Update from Sparky (Another Sparky)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A very happy wee pup, having chased balls, run, chased birds, and sniffed all over the dog park :)
Sparky fit into our house overnight, and I remember saying to hubby "you know we're screwed right? This dog is smarter than both of us" - this was the morning after collecting Sparky, and finding that even with his muzzle on he'd managed to open and empty a plasticware container of biscuits!!!

He is just such a honey though. His sweet, gentle temperament makes him a favourite with kids, and his goofball sense of humour has me laughing in a rather undignified manner, several times a day.  I just love stroking his head when he gives me the puppy-dog eyes, and his ears are therapy themselves, and he knows just when to bring his special form of TLC.

I was amazed by the amount of personality contained within a relatively small animal, and how incredibly expressive his face is!!!  He looks so proud when we come home and find the collection of cutlery on his bed, almost as pleased as when he's running at the dog park.  And he loves doing his dog-dance with us, when he goes all silly and spins in circles.

We've discovered that cheese is his weak spot, and I laugh every time his teeth chatter for it. He also loves brushing his head through flowers, flaxes and soft shrubs... So cute to see him emerge covered in pollen!!  He has a real love of squeaky toys too!  He's great with our cats, it's just taking some time for his polite interest to be reciprocated - poor pup gets hissed at regularly!

Can't wait to discover more about this gorgeous boy as we grow to know each other better :)


Greyhounds for sale said...

This guy looks great! I love seeing retired racing greyhounds alive, well and having fun after their careers. If we could link to you from our adoption page on our site once we get it up and running that would be great!