Louie and me

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When I adopted a retired racing greyhound (via GAP NZ), almost two years ago, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Louie (Charlston State)is just gorgeous, and special. He was a very successful racing greyhound, winning many races during his long career (he was trained and raced by the lovely D Schofield from Huntly). He was retired at 4 ½ years old. His life as pet is well deserved – he worked hard for it! He enjoys his life as pet, he loves his couches, his walks, the car, he loves his cat Mitzi. He enjoys meeting other breeds of dogs: his favourite breeds are Chihuahuas, Bischon Friese and other small fluffy dogs :-)
When I adopted Louie , I knew little about retired racing greyhounds. I have never been to a greyhound race. I had no idea how fast greyhounds were. I have never even met one!
But when I saw Louie, and when he looked at me, it was love at first sight :-) He knew he has found his mother, and I have found the best dog in the world.

Greyhounds make FABULOUS pets - if you suit them. They are NOT watchdogs, they will take some time to learn to play games and chase balls, they will NOT go on an all day hikes, and they are usually NOT small.

However, they generally love kids and are friendly dogs, they are couch potatoes (BELIEVE IT!!!) and will lay asleep on a comfy bed (preferably yours) for hours and hours. Exercise is supposedly 2 x 20 minutes walks per day (yep – that’s it!) although with a bit of work the top condition a dog can walk for up to one and a half hours (but no longer!!) . They are sprinters, not runners.

Greyhounds are the best companion animals you will find. They bond very closely with their family, they are not agressive, and are very sensitive. They are quiet dogs, many rarely bark at all, and with a short coat they are very clean to have around the house. They are extremely smart and also have a terrific sense of fun.

Any greyhound owner will tell you what a privilege it is to have these highly intelligent animals sharing their home.

Before you adopt, it is essential to research the Greyhound and understand their quirks. This is where this blog comes in! :-)