Our foster dog #1: Kev (Matrix Hero)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kev is our first foster dog. He has escaped death on Wednesday last week: his trainer brought him to the vet clinic to be euthanized (he was really sad to do it , but he could not keep him for financial reasons, and had no idea about GAP). The vet on duty was Irene, Wolfie's and Delta's Mum! :-)

As Kev was in perfect nick, just under 3 years old and very friendly, she just could not put him to sleep... She had the needle ready, had Kev on the table ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge, and he kept licking her hand and wagging his tail. Irene apparently looked at the trainer at that point and he had tears in his eyes. At that point, Irene decided that putting Kev to sleep was not the right thing to do...

I swear that Kev KNOWS! :-) :-)

Due to financial reasons, trainer could not have Kev while he was waiting to get into GAP programme -so of course, Irene, Wolfie and Delta decided that 3 of them would foster Kev ... What Irene did not think of is that she had a week-long trip booked to go and see her parents in Melbourne! Rachel, me and Louie were happy to offer to foster Kev until Irene gets back.

He is the friendliest, almost puppy-like hound, who absolutely adores children. He wags his tail so much when he sees children, and can stand for hours while they pet him :-) He loves other dogs, is very frienly with them... As a good foster carer (!) I have introduced him to ShiTzu and a Bichon/Chichuahua cross today. He absolutely loved both of them and tried to lick them through his muzzle :-) He just keeps wagging his tail and everyone loves him :-)
He is very handsome, has tiger colors and teddy bear ears :-)
As you can see in the picture, he has decided that his bed should be in this weird corner , behind the door! :-) We gave him a lovely mattress on the floor, but he prefers this corner, so i have put the furry rug there...
I think he will be eventually adopted out by family with kids, and he will make one lucky little boy or a girl very happy!