Maddox and Christine

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Today's feature story is of Maddox and Christine from Auckland.

I think the photos are the cutest ever (you can double click on them for full size) .
Jamie is Christine's little boy, and (wait for this!!) she and Maddox were actually at one of the greyhound walks at Waiatarua on 26th Nov 07 -the day before she gave birth!

Christine says:

Everyone thought I was mad deciding to adopt an ex-racing greyhound three months before the birth of my first child.

"It'll be like having twins", "It'll need so much exercise", "Dogs and new babies don't mix'; were just some of the comments I received.

I assured everyone with more confidence than I felt, that I'd done my research and ex-racing hounds were great with kids, actually quite lazy and made all round great pets. I'm glad to say Maddox (racing name: "Only One Daddy") didn't make a liar out of me. I think I initially exhausted him with my enthusiastic dog walking.

He happily accepted a new baby into the house with his characteristic calm and I credit my daily walks with hound and pram with maintaining my sanity in those first few months with a newborn.
Two years on, Maddox is still the last to get up in the morning. He remains stalwart and good natured in the face of a toddler who's learning to use gentle hands. He's ever popular in the park and a joy to watch run. Recall will never be his strong suit and he's a terrible thief of food and interesting items for his bed collection, but he's become a member of the family and remains a great decision.