Foxton beach and forrest run :-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010
FUN!!!! Lucy, Bart and Beryl
Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day so we took greyhounds and Frankie to Foxton forrest and beach. They had an absolute blast! :-)
The team:
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe),
our cute foster greyhound Bart.
Lucy and Louie (Charlston State),
and of course -Frankie!
Bart and Beryl
Beryl and Louie

Lucy : Are they still behind that dune?
Greyhound heaven (two black dots are Lucy and Louie :-)
Beryl and Bart


Frankie and Bart


Bart and Louie :-)

Beryl and Bart

Bart loves water too :-)

Lucy and Beryl again :-)

BFFs - Lucy and Beryl

Tired doggies on the way back

My gorgeous Louie kept scanning the area for rabbits :-)
 Isn't he the most beautiful creature? :-)
Beryl's Mum Sue took some amazing pictures aswell and posted them on her blog, do have a look here: