Our cute foster girl Shannon (Moon Dancer)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Our latest foster, Shannon (Moon Dancer), arrived only on Saturday and is just gorgeous - she is a tiny blue  girl with the most amazing ears :-) She is not too confident dog and is a bit stressed with all the changes, so we have kept her quiet and gave her lots of space. She is doing well -sleeps through the night, eats well, and is a quick learner! Very responsive girl, eager to please and loves the rules-she is a type of a dog who will bond strongly to her new owner. She is a real sweetheart :-)
She is lovely on a lead too .
We took her to the dog club last night, where she met all sorts of dogs, and she loved them all despite being a bit scared of some of them (especially when she saw this HUGE Alaskan Malamute)! She made great friends with a miniature poodle though-she was her favourite! :)
We took her for her first walk too, with her new friend Snuffles (Baileys Dream)  who is also up for adoption:

Sue with Shannon and Snuffles
Today I took some pictures of Shannon, our other foster greyhound Cilla and Lucy and Louie:-)
Shannon and Cilla

Come on Shannon, lets play! Lucy, Cilla and Shannon

Surely...you would want to play..? You have to!

If we try harder, I am sure she will play with us...?
Lucy and Cilla have been trying to make Shannon play with them, but it is a bit too much and too soon for her, so  Lucy and Cilla had their own little party:
Check out Cilla's smile (you can click on the photo for bigger size)

Update 05/10/2010:

Shannon is just lovely! She started playing with Lucy and Cilla, and Louie (who does not believe in playing!) loves her too. She has fitted beautifully in the pack here -we usually have only one foster greyhound (altogether three greyhounds in the house), but Shannon has been no trouble at all, despite being the fourth. And yes, the house looks a bit like a kennel! :-)
Shannon is lovely in the house, very clean dog, very responsive and polite. Shannon is not suitable for homes with cats, but she has met our cat Mitzi and learned to pretty much leave her alone. She is very trainable and so eager to please! Like all greyhounds, she HATES being told off!
When i let her off the lead in the dog club or velodrome she has a bit of a run with the other three and then when i call her, gallops back to me, with a huge smile on her face! :-)
Lucy, Cilla and her have been having these massive jaw wrestling and tugs of war competitions! :-)

Shannon, Cilla and the turtle :-)

Don't ask me what Cilla is doing....

A little break with Lucy :-)