Our new foster greyhound Bart :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Yey - I love running!
Each and every one of our foster greyhounds is special -but little Bart is extra special: he is Lucy's litter brother!!!! :-)  It is easy to see that, as despite that they are completely different color, they have the same curled tail (pic below, you can click on pictures to see full size):
Check out the tails!

Yes i know: I look like my sister :-)
Bart has been with us for less than a week, and he has already made himself at home. He loves his toys and his bed, and is eager to learn about EVERYTHING :)
He is very similar to Lucy - he is very trainable, very clever, and very inquisitive. He loves his bed and as any greyhound, can sleep for hours -but he is still a pup, and he needs to have a run and stimulation every day too.
I would like to see Bart in a home where he would be taken to dog classes, CGC, Rally-O and similar, as he needs and would enjoy stimulation and learning. Other dogs ADORE Bart -he has met many of dogs of all breeds in our Canine Good Citizens class -and they have all loved him :-) Bart is a happy little man :-)Whomever adopts Bart will be very lucky-he is an amazing doggie, with such personality!
He is also very good looking, with gorgeous tiger-like markings, hazel eyes and 'interesting' tail  :-)

I love my toys :-)
Today we took Bart, Lucy, Louie, Beryl and Frankie to the park and the velodrome -it was Bart's first time off-lead (as he was desexed last week). He had a wonderful time zooming around with everybody!
yes, i have a great smile !
With all my friends :-)
I met this really cool lady, Beryl's Mum. She had THE BEST treats!

Me with Louie
Did i mention i love my toys...?