Update from Swift (Thrilling Swift)

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Swift at a GAP greyhound run in Otaki
John and Swift (Thrilling Swift) have lived together since October last year. I just got some gorgeous pictures from John, and an update below:

Swift really loves her monthly day out at Otaki and mixes very well with other hounds and people, Robyn commented on the last Sunday there on how much energy Swift had.
Swift is gentle , sweet girl, interested in exploring and walkies but nervous in a new situation. Apart from being sometimes easily spooked by loud noises and strangers (which comes from her general lack of confidence), she is a beautiful, good mannered, well behaved hound.
When I had visitors she would hide away till they left, she has now overcome this as you can see from the photo below. I recently had my sister, her husband and my sister's friend Pip to dinner, Swift decided that Pip was ok! :-)
Pip and Swift :-)
And of course, like a greyhound she is, she LOVES her car :)