Gorgeous twins up for adoption: Speed and Skip

Sunday, September 5, 2010
Hey there, my name is Speed and this is Skip to my right. We are litter brothers. We grew up together and have never been separated; I think we are twins actually as that's how bonded we are. We do everything together and at the same time... We sleep together too!!!!! I promised my Dad (our trainer) I would always look out for my brother and even though Skip is a bit more confident than I am, for some reason he looks up to me for guidance. Because we are still young (we are only 2!) we like to run around a fair bit so we are looking for a home with a decent sized yard for during the day and a bed for us to curl up on together at night. PLEASE can we stay together, please? We will love you forever!
I have to say we are very cute and waggy, I am black with a little Tui-like white patch on my chest, and Skip is black with white markings. We both have same hazel eyes :-)
We sometimes use each other as a headrest

Yes, we are synchronized :-)

and we love each other ...

Here is a video of us running with Irene:

And another video of us running with our new friends Beryl, Lucy, Louie and Cilla (watch out for the incredible jump by Speed!):