Update from Sash :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Last October, Sash went to live with Jenny, Blair and their three kids on the lifestyle block in South Auckland.
I just got an email and some cute pictures from her new Mum Jenny:

Sash has bonded well with our family, and especially quickly and strongly with me (possibly because she had a female trainer in her previous life).
She is really good with our children (aged 8, 6 and 3). At first she was worried about our 3 year old when he got too close, and barked at him once or twice in the first few days, but she soon realised that he wasn't trying to hurt her. Now she's so tolerant with him, he can do just about anything and she won't react, except to walk away (although of course we try to make sure he doesn't hassle her too much!). We even find him cuddled up with her on her bed, with her licking him like he is a puppy (yuck!!!), so we've decided that we couldn't have found a more kid-friendly dog anywhere!

Apart from a little bit of 'counter surfing' at the kitchen bench early on, Sash has behaved with impeccable manners, and she even seems to have been taught to wait for a command before starting to eat her dinner. One thing that we've all had to adjust to is having a dog that stays inside at night-time, and there were some night-time toileting accidents early on, and some very early wake-up calls, until she learnt that she had to 'go' when we took her outside last thing at night! She seems to have sorted it all out now, thankfully!

We live on a lifestyle block, and I was worried at the start that Sash would be able to get out of our garden which is fenced with wire farm fencing, but she has shown no inclination whatsoever to jump over the fences, even when there are rabbits on the other side!
She is very funny when in the paddocks, preferring to keep a good distance from those big scary sheep because she thinks they might eat her (although they are slightly interesting to her when they run!), and trying to hide behind us when in the cows' paddock!
I really enjoy the fact that Sash is so well socialised with people and other dogs, and of course like most greyhounds she walks like a dream on the lead, so she's a real pleasure to have with us when we're out & about. Couldn't have asked for a better dog!