Update from gorgeous Angel!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Angel and Herbie
This is one of the most exciting updates in a while! Nan from Hamilton, new Mum of 11 yr old Angel (Ruawhata Road) just sent us this (thanks a million Nan!):

Angel is settling in really well. In the picture above you can see her with Herbie The Cat ;  this is a great picture because three weeks before, Herbie took an unprovoked swipe at Angel, nicking her third eyelid (promptly fixed by the vet) so she was pretty timid of Herbie, but its okay now. She also shares her bed with her Griffon sister Molly, and sometimes Hudson (another cat). And you can see too that she has found the couch!
Here’s what Angel has to say:
I am loving my new home and family but I do still get nervous and sometimes I get really nervous and have a pee inside, but I am getting better!
At first I was really really nervous and I HAD TO shred all the newspaper I could find to stay calm, but I am much calmer now and haven’t shredded any paper in weeks! I love all the creatures I live with, but some of them are taking a little longer than I expected to love me back, so we are ignoring each other for now.
Nan and Susan take me for great walks, where I often see other greyhounds because there are at least two that live really close. I get really excited when my lead comes out, and I love coming back and hoping on the couch. They keep offering me cuddly toys – not my thing – but they are getting the idea. And I love the duvet they gave me on the first day, and am totally not interested in the big greyhound bed that arrived a couple weeks ago. Luckily Hudson The Cat likes it heaps! So, its all going really well, and I am really happy, and getting more settled each day. :)
With her new sister Molly