Velodrome run for Snow and Hugo :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Handsome pair: Snow and Hugo
Our new foster girl Snow (Snowie Secret) arrived yesterday and we thought to celebrate it with a run at the velodrome :)

Everybody had such fun -especially Hugo and Snow, who run the most :)

Snow is very cute, small girl, who looks like a meerkat! Well,  apart from her hilarious tail, which I swear reminds me of the tail of European fox! Snow is light fawn , but for some reason, her permanently bushy tail is dark grey on top - very fox-like! :)
Whether a meerkat or a fox, Snow is very sweet and affectionate. She slept like a baby her first night here and is currently fast asleep in the conservatory (after having couple of mad races with Hugo in the garden! :)
Everybody :)

Check out Snow's tail! :)
Snow mastering getting treats through the muzzle.
She is very food-focused and will be easy to train :)
Cute Snow :)
And Lucy had her usual power nap!