Update from Keith (Phantom's Mask)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cute fawn boy Keith (Phantom's Mask) now lives with Tracey and family in Hawkes Bay. He shares his new home with two little girls (Hannah and Keisha) and a cat called Marmalade :)
His new Mum Tracey wrote:
We have had our gorgeous Keith for nearly three months now, we adopted him just before Christmas. He was initially very quiet but has slowly come out of his shell and gained confidence, especially since school has started and we have more of a routine. 
He loves to go for a walk and is great on the lead but his favourite is when he can really stretch his legs - he's a rocket! We are still working on his recall but is showing improvement.  He has his two couches, one inside and one outside, much to the amusement of people walking past our gate who often ask me why my dog sleeps upside down!
Our cat Marmalade  is determined to be the boss and in the beginning did anything possible to annoy Keith but happily he seems to have given that up and now they take wide births around each other or wait until one moves out of the way - it's quite amusing. :)
Keith eats well and we have learnt quickly not to leave food on the bench or it will disappear as if it was never there !  There is always huge excitement when someone notices  Keith having a nut attack as we call it  -we all run to watch!  It is so funny: he runs round and round chasing his tail then sprints round the trampoline several times,  does a few circuits of the back yard then inside onto the couch for a rest!
 Hannah and Keisha, our two girls, love Keith and he knows just how to get their attention: he will go and take one of their soft toys of their bed and run off with it! :) He knows he will get a big cuddle when they come to get it back.  They love to show him off to their friends - we walk to school on Fridays and he is always surrounded by other kids patting and cuddling him.  We just love our cuddly boy  to bits -he is such a joy to have around!