Foster carers desperately wanted....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We need foster homes ....
Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) desperately need more foster carers... At the moment -there are only a handful alltogether, NZ-wide. :(
The issue is even more serious as kennel space at GAP kennels  is VERY limited ; foster homes are essential in helping get more greyhounds into the programme.

While the majority of our hounds adjust easily to life as pets the transition is made easier by a period in foster care. And as soon as one greyhound goes into foster care - it frees a kennel space in GAP kennels for another ex-racer.
GAP foster carers introduce their hounds to normal pet life - this would include meeting other dogs, visits to the local park, toiletting, walking up stairs. Foster carers are fully supported with everything their dog needs (food, gear, vet etc) plus advice on hand from our Kennel Managers.

Some facts on fostering:
  • It is perfectly fine if you work! Greyhounds get adopted in similar situations and it is good for them to learn about it. As long as you have time to walk and socialize your foster greyhound before/after work, that is perfectly fine.
  • If you have other pets, or no other pets -that is great too: greyhounds get adopted in all sorts of situations, and we need various foster homes: some with other dogs, some with cats, some with lifestock etc
  • It is not a problem if you are  a few hrs drive away from Manawatu - you dont have to be near.
 For more information visit GAP website foster page, where you can download a foster care guide:
 or contact me directly . My housemate Rachel and myself have fostered over 85 greyhounds in last two years (well, we managed to count 85, but it is possible we forgot a few :))) We both work, have one cat and two greyhounds ourselves. And every single one of our 85 fosters has been a pleasure to have around. :)
We  feel priviledged to be able to foster these lovely dogs, and help GAP get more ex-racers into homes.
So please, do consider fostering -the difference you will make to greyhounds' lives is HUGE.


Anonymous said...

I've just sent a query to our regional co-ordinator to find out more (I hope that's the right place to have sent it!). I had thought we wouldn't be suitable as we're about an hour or so away from Sanson and we work full time, but your blog has cleared that up! Can't wait to see now whether or not we can become foster carers too :o)