Meet amazing Pedro (Private Pedro)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pedro (Private Pedro) has recently arrived to GAP and is looking for a forever home. He is stunningly handsome hound who had a stellar racing career and is now looking forward to his well earned retirement. He was trained by Pam and Denis Schofield (my Louie's trainers!) - he has had 156 starts and many wins and placings.  Truly amazing athlete! He is beautifully behaved, soft doggie who reminds me of my Louie :)

I could not resist giving Pedro a kiss :)
Sue (Beryl's Mum) tool a lovely video of Pedro, link to it is below. Pedro was neutered the day before this video was taken and didn't feel like doing anything much except enjoying lots of cuddles :)
Click this link to see Pedro's video:


Jacquie said...

Ohh, poor Pedro!! He looks gorgeous.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Hi Fatima,

Thanks for your question on my blog. I just wanted to make sure you saw the answer.

A recall is no good if you cannot then catch your dog. So touching the collar each time ensures that your dog is not surprised or offended by it. It becomes a good habit.

I pretty much always use food for recall rewards. Just depends on the dog, but I pick greyhounds that really love food so they are easy to reward and I use good food. Their responses are much sharper, faster, and reliable than 99.9% of the dogs on the planet. But I would not have nearly the results if I just praised them. Mine would choose freedom, squirrels, meeting other dogs, etc. over any affection. If you truly want a good recall for an emergency, your reward needs to be able to compete with the world.

Happy Training!