Update from Rusty Taylor p.p. (Pampered Pooch!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Handsome Rusty (Classy Fort) went to live with his new family in Taupo just under two months ago. We have just received an update and cutest pictures from Chez, Steve and Lauren:

We are so lucky that Rusty has joined our family! He is the most wonderful hound and he has settled into our lives like he has always been with us or was meant just for us!
 We have so much fun with him, he is a natural comedian and pulls the funniest faces when we try to understand what he wants from us but fail – then he takes any frustration out on a quacking duck toy we bought him for a moment before he tries again to get through to the stupid two-legs! 

In his Hello Kitty pyjamas!!!
One particularly endearing feature he has is when if we don’t notice that he wants out attention, say we’re cooking and he knows that he’s not allowed past a certain point into the kitchen, he stamps his feet until we know he is there – how clever is he? 
In two months he has been with us we have only heard him bark 3 or 4 times; we’ve even left him overnight with a packet of chippies on the coffee table (having overlooked them after a late night watching UK soccer on Sky!) then found them completely untouched the next morning -how gorgeous is that? :) 

Snuggled on two of my beds :)
On the sun lounger on the deck (brought my own beanbag!)

 Rusty's chilled and laid back attitude to life in general has made him a favorite of anyone who has met him so far, he is so gentle with anyone he meets- he even let 25 children under 5yrs whom i work with cuddle him to bits just 3 days after we picked him up - they got up close and personal looking at the tattooes in  his ears!! He loved every bit of it :) 
He loves his grub, cuddly toys and his bed, he is so full of fun and love, obedient, quick to learn and please - -he stole our hearts with just one look!!!  Even my husband (who said before he met him "just remember, he is a dog, not a child") is completely smitten with him - see photo below! 

Cuddles with Dad!

Snoozing with Dad  :)
Having a chat with Dad :)

He shares his love around all three of us but has secretly told me he loves him Mum the best!!!! A big THANK YOU to GAP and to Rusty's trainers for allowing us to adopt Rusty and completing our mad Taylor family which he has joined in with gusto!
In fact Rusty is so wonderful that we are now considering adopting another hound, if we can find another like him (impossible!) and one that he will get along with (should be OK on that score as Rusty is so easygoing). Watch this space!
Holding hands with Mum :)

Go on I dare you not to fall in love with me!