Meet Lucy's litter brother Bentley (Cool Thief)

Friday, September 2, 2011
Bentley and Lucy :)
Lucy's litter brother Bentley arrived to GAP and is up for adoption! :) So exciting! He is so similar to Lucy, so affectionate, waggy, and with lovely temperament. He is great with all other dogs, and with cats too :)
I know many are wondering whether he has a curly tail as Lucy's :) Yes, he does have a curly tail, although not AS curly as Lucy's :)

He is just gorgeous, affectionate, friendly doggie :) He is also very good looking, red fawn color.
A few days ago, we took Bentley for a run at Kyrewood, where he had MAJOR fun in the water jump with Fiona, Lucy and resident Corgi Benjamin. :) He loves water  :)

Ben The Corgi, Bentley and Fiona

Best mates - Ben and Bentley :)
Happy boy

Fiona, Ben and Bentley