Kyrewood run with Tyler (Glaze)

Sunday, October 2, 2011
Today  we took all our doggies to have a run at Kyrewood :) The team:
our foster greyhounds Tyler (Glaze), and Cutie (Call Me Cute),
Louie and Lucy (Tyler is Lucy's half-brother!) ,
and of course, resident Corgi Benjamin.

Here they all are (except my precious Louie, who was busy looking for rabbits :))):

Cutie, Lucy, Tyler, Benjamin The Corgi
Tyler and Benjamin made great friends and had the best of time chasing the daylights out of each other up and down the paddock :)))

Tyler and Ben :)
Some more action shots of handsome Tyler:

Note Tyler's curly tail! :) Yes, he IS Lucy's brother :)


Lucy and Tyler
 Then, it was time to cool off in the water jump:

Cutie , Ben and Tyler in water jump :)
Tyler LOOOVES water!
That was fun!


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Great photos! It's easy to see Tyler and Lucy are related even without the tail, both love the water:)