Update from Brody in Auckland :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brody and his brother Oska The Snautzer
Linda and Craig from Auckland just sent us an update on their gorgeous boy Brody:

FINALLY, an update on our boy Brody :) When he was up for adoption, he was called "Paulie"; we then named him "Lloyd" (after his trainer Lloyd Gill, who passed away shortly before we adopted our boy) and then finally, he somehow became "Brody"! As if he wasn't confused enough already with his new lifestyle change, we had to give him an identity crisis as well!
We have had Brody in our family now for just over 9mths. He has an 8yr old Standard Schnauzer, Oska, for his new brother and a couple of geriatric cats that he finds very interesting.
He thinks we are seriously strange sometimes, with our funny little ways, but he has decided life is not too bad here in Henderson, West Auckland. In the early days he couldn't understand the concept of going for a walk and we would fairly much have to drag him round the block or to the park....now he bounces off the walls when he sees the lead.
 His personality has developed over the months as his confidence has grown with us and he is now a playful, cheeky wee boy. Very gentle and kind, loves attention but not too fussed on kisses (but just sighs and puts up with it.) He is very low maintainence, being happy to have a burst around the lawn every day and snooze the rest of the time away. We have managed to put a few Kilos on him with a raw meat diet and his coat has fairly much regained all the lost hair on his rump. It is awesome to see him settled in with us and looking so healthy and happy and that's thanks to GAP and all the hard work they do. I would so encourage anyone thinking of adopting a Greyhound (or two) to take the plunge, they won't regret it.


Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oh, we love greyhounds! In fact, in June this year we adopted our sixth. You're right (your comment over at Greyhounds CAN Sit) they do love to race, and in my view, their life in a well-run racing kennel is a good one for a dog. The problems begin once they retire ..

Our latest has a whole bunch of problems, not least that he's the clumsiest dog, and keeps hurting himself! But he lived at the kennel till he was nine, because nobody wanted to adopt him, so it's all very new to him.