Update from foster care: Kourtney

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tug of war :)))
Cute little Kourtney is currently being fostered by Jacquie, Tony and their greyhound Jolie (Snowie Secret). Last week we got an update , and some cool photos:

We've had Kourtney (little black girl on the photos) in our family for 5 days now, and she's delightful. She's  very smart, and has already learned to wait politely at doorways and  (usually) not to steal things off the table.
She has also figured out how to open the washing machine door if it's not clipped shut, and to use her nose
to get the kitchen door open.
One aspect we didn't expect is that she  retrieves a tennis ball! She fetches it and brings it back to us, and even  uses her nose to find it in the long grass. The photos are of a play session  involving the tennis ball, a knotted sheet, Jolie, and the pool. We were  pretty impressed that she didn't fall in - but it was a close thing for a  while. She ended the session with a yummy dinner of chicken, biscuits and rice, and is currently asleep on her bed.

Fostering for GAP is a wonderful adventure, and we've not met a greyhound that we didn't fall in love with!
Jacquie, Tony and Jolie
Happy girls
This pool has so many possibilities...
Playing fetch! :)