Meet our new foster boy Lucky (Mint Octane)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lucky and his toy shark :)
Cute Lucky (Mint Octane) arrived last week and is just gorgeous! :) He has recently retired from racing (he was a good racing dog, many starts and many wins and placings). He was trained by Pam and Denis Schofield (my Louie's trainers :)
Lucky is a big doggie -he raced at 36kg, and I expect his pet weight will be 38kg! He is very tall, with longest legs. And cute as a button, very affectionate and playful! He loves his soft toys -I took some pictures of him playing with them today:

With his soft lion toy :)

Last weekend we took Lucky to have a run with our greyhounds and their friend Benjamin The Corgi. Lucky and Benjamin made friends and had a great time jumping in and out of water!

Lucky, Benjamin The Corgi and Lucy

Hilarious photo!
Benjamin chased Lucky into the water- Lucky went head first! LOL!

He recovered really fast tho :)

Lucky is a real water baby :)