Update from Pearl (Thrilling Pearl)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Stefan & Lisa from Palmerston North adopted gorgeous little Pearl (Thrilling Pearl) in May this year, and we just got an update!

Pearl is doing very well and has settled in better than expected.
She started off as a delicate little flower we tip toed around her and pampered her. LOL Then when she got settled and we got to know her we realised she was a very intelligent hound and was a bit of a player. Sometimes in the morning she would yelp and wake us up. It sounded as if she had hurt herself, we would fuss over her and keep her in the house all day as we were worried (She is not really one for hanging around outside)and then she would be absolutely fine.We even went to the vet one time to find out she was absolutely fine.

She just didn't want to be left outside whilst we where at work.She is quite happy chilling out on the beanbag all day but when we come home from work she goes nuts and does this crazy little dance.At first we got scared but then realised its her little joy dance showing us she is happy to see us!  She does this big sprint thing in the back garden at night time.It is very funny.Pearl also loves cuddles - she is very affectionate even it the attention is from strangers, everyone has to acknowledge us on our walk.

She is also very cheeky, we have to shut all the doors in the house when we are out otherwise she goes for a wander and usually makes herself at home on one of the beds.We also have to put the dinning room chairs on the settee otherwise she gets snuggled up on the settee for the day!!!
Pearl is not into toys at all, she is just into cuddles and long walks by the river. She just loves smelling every single tree and plant we walk past.
She has this twitch thing going on when she is asleep.At first it concerned us but after the first week of having her we soon realised this is something she does.She doesn't know how to bark only in her sleep.It is very sweet.
We couldn't imagine life without Pearl, we love her to bits.We recently went to Australia for a week and we missed her and talked about her everyday.She is such a joy. All our friends and family think she is just lovely.
We are even thinking of getting her a friend as we eventually will be moving to the country.But that is up to Pearl. :)