Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria (GAP Regional Coordinator - Waikato/Taupo/BOP) just sent us a lovely update and pictures from the GAP run last weekend, held at Victoria's property in Hamilton:

Well – what a terrific Sunday walk we had! The sun shone brilliantly, fresh produce was bought at the orchard mid walk, the hounds zoomed around the paddock with big smiles on their pointy faces and the table almost groaned under the weight of all the delicious goodies and bubbles…wonderful chocolate slices and cake, mini pikelets, crackers and cheese, chicken, strawberries, dainty coconut cakes, a pavlova, slices, apple and custard twist, savoury nuts, buttered date loaf, lashings of cream, crusty bread, biscotti and more….and all washed down with tea, coffee, juice – and large quantities of bubbly stuff.
Many thanks to all who came – it really is you who make the day into a special event.

Of course it is all about the hounds and Lily and Dougal were most pleased to welcome their friends Spud, Jolie, Kourtney, Roy, Angel, Baz, Gibson, Riley, Fritz, Khan, Chelsea, Yonce, Jules, Tina and Rook and Ritchie the lab. Eighteen four-legged friends and all beautifully behaved.
It was certainly the biggest group by far and included many of our wonderful local owners such as Joy, Jacquie and Tony, Sandra, Nan and Susan, Sheila and family, Tanya and Trefor, Gary and Lea, Rowan and Kat, Ross and family, and Rosemary and Ron.

A special welcome also to our guests Linda with Ross; hopeful soon-to-be-owners Janet and Ineke, and John and Maureen – all the way from Colville no less (absolutely hours away….). We all approved of you by the way – so now as long as your fencing is good and you get a big tick on your home visit– you too will be coming along with your own hound very soon :)

Fabulous to see some owners from afar…our Waihi representatives Jan and Tom; from Rotorua Shaun and Karen; from Tauranga Anne and from South Auckland Emma and Hayden. Many thanks to you for making a special effort – we do appreciate it.
Prize for the farthest travelled – apart from John and Maureen - has to go to Barbara - from Florida, USA!. Well she was actually visiting her daughter Nan – but it sounds good!

We had some GAP Shop items courtesy of Sheila and some treats for the hounds thanks to Jan. Do remember Jan’s duvet and blanket collection idea for the kennels. This is the time of year to empty out the cupboards and pass on some soft bedding to our somewhat bony canine friends.
Lovely gifts for the raffle were donated: some lovely Hound pieces - a brooch, necklace and socks – from Shaun and Karen; a martingale collar handmade by Penni; a ball-thrower and a bag of delicious treats in a Christmas ‘HamBag’ from Jan (well the treats were in a plastic bag inside the HamBag). Many thanks to you for these items. Thanks to you and the generosity of all who attended – we raised just over $100.00 for GAP hounds still waiting for a home. And Joy didn’t have to twist too many arms either!

The last BOP walk for the year is next Sunday at the Waikino Train Station on the way to Waihi. Please check the website for details and I will send a separate email shortly. By supporting each other we grow – and of course that means more chances for a hound to find their new forever home.
Hamilton Christmas Parade is Sunday December 11th – and we are on a float no less! Stay tuned for details..
Again – many thanks to everyone for making it such a special day…and yes…can you believe it…there are even photos attached! :)


Maureen Irvine said...

It was a wonderful day - John and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting hounds and folk! Thanks all for the warm licks and welcomes! :-)

Mo (Maureen) Irvine