A few cute photos of Kobe

Friday, June 29, 2012

We just got an update and another few pictures from Kobe's parents in Auckland:

 Kobe continues to do really well and has cemented his part in our family. Photos attached are taken at our local beach (Kennedy Bay, the only dog beach in the area where they can run off lead anytime all year). 
He has his morning walks there -  he will chaise stones and go fast and hard for about 5 minutes before he wants to go home to tuck himself up into bed for the day. I'm sure you will remember he is a real foodie……and he got sick of the dry food we were giving him within a week. We now get Jimbos delivered and he is really thriving on the fresh meat and the variety. People comment on how shiny his coat is and although he was a whooping 42.5kilos at last weigh in, he is in fantastic shape, hes just a really big dog.  :)