Postcards from Lace: GAP run in Ashhurst yesterday :)

Monday, June 25, 2012
Gorgeous 10 year old Lace is staying with us for a few weeks, while her Mum and Dad are visiting friends in England. I thought to post some pictures of her here, so that her parents can see how their precious girl is doing :)
Today, Lace insisted on dictating a post to me, so here goes:

Hello Mum and Dad!
Hope you are having fun over there, I have seen some pictures on your Facebook (and have to admit I just HAD to lick the computer screen at that stage :)
Geee I am tired! Yesterday Fatima took me, Cobby and Lucy to a GAP run in Ashhurst Domain. We had SO much fun! There were many greyhounds there and I made sure I met them all. :)
And yes, we run like lunatics:
You can click on photos to see them in full size. On this one, I am at the very back,
BUT that is only because I was sniffing something on the ground and started last !!!

I met famous ex-racer Fancy Spider! I thought he was quite cool, but...
...he has this long and VERY odd-shaped tail that he wags constanly so you need to watch it!
Me with Cara (Thrilling Paris) and her Mum Roseanne :)
Cara's Dad handled me when we had to be on lead. I like him -he also handles
me at the Canine Good Citizen class we attend every Monday (but that is another story -watch this space!)
Me and Fancy Spider again :)
Me with Cara and Carlos (Captain Carlos). Cara and Carlos came from the
same racing kennel in Waikato and loved catching up. When I told them I would be doing a
blog post, they both asked me to say hello to their trainers
Maxine, Mike and Sam (they are both sending loads of virtual licks :)
Carlos is very handsome young man I have to say! He spent most of the time hooning around, and then rolling in the grass:

Captain Carlos :)
Carlos with his Mum

Yes, I had to wear a muzzle! I tried to explain I did NOT need one -but apparently, on all GAP runs,
when we run free we need to be muzzled. I was more than happy with that :)

From left to right : shiny black doggie is Brinkley (Expenditure), Fancy Spider is next to him,
 me :), and finally Carlos
Brinkley (Expenditure) is very handsome too
After a long walk through the bush and by the river, we came up to a small cafe, where everybody wanted to have coffee! To be honest, all I wanted at this stage is to go back to the car and have a nap. Oh well, never mind, I used the time to make friends with Sticky (Sticky Boy), a gorgeous white spotty boy currently up for adoption:

Sticky and me :)
We were all exhausted when we got home! We all got our coats on and went to sleep :) We did not even stir until we smelt the dinner being prepared!
Until next time, Lace xxxxxxxx