Update from Layla (Know Life)

Friday, June 22, 2012
Gorgeous Layla :)
A few days ago I got an email from Georgina, who found my blog online :). Georgina has adopted a greyhound a while ago - her Layla (Know Life) came straight from the trainer, not through GAP.
Layla's litter sister Sky (Know Option) was homed via GAP, and her other sister Star (Know Wonder) is up for adoption at the moment (you can see her on GAP website ).
I asked Georgina to do a writeup and send me some pics of Layla:

Layla is an absolute gem. I got her through her trainer straight out of racing, and she came home to live with me complete with complimentary muzzle! She met my cats and they introduced her to the prospect of claws and they have been best friends ever since. :-) She is more scared of them than they are of her. The all share a rather massive beanbag in front of the fire ever night. :)
She comes when called, waits when asked, loves a good snuggle on the couch and is the best dog to have around my little boy. We found she struggled being alone (having never been alone before) so we got a rescue pup (lab x). To be honest, I wish I had got another greyhound, but dont tell Max that!

Layla and Max :)
Teaching her to sit was a mission, but one day the penny dropped and she now shakes hands too. The transition from kennel dog to home dog was easier than I thought. She loves being pampered and stroked, and she adores the fire and her bean bag. And she will do anything for a kind word.
She is incredibly gentle and kind. And my shadow. I love her to absolute pieces.