Meet lovely Lilly (Lil' Larrikin)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lovely Lilly (Lil' Larrikin) recently arrived to GAP and is up for adoption. She is the gentlest, cutest girl. Lilly just retired recently, after an awesome racing career, with 95 starts and many wins and placings.
Her trainer sent me these pictures of Lilly (taken at her racing kennels) and also the writeup below:

Lilly is a gentle old soul with the heart of a puppy, a dog who loves cuddles, and is always up for a good lie down. She is easily handled, lead trained, compliant, and used to being around other dogs. She LOVES food, she will eat until she busts if the opportunity ever presented! :)

Lilly LOVES to be with kids, and is friendly with everyone,  although she is not one to jump right in, she needs a little time to digest anyone or anything new. But once that is out of the way -it is all fun!

She loves to run at speed on her hind legs (which is hilarious to witness) and she loves to spin round in a tight circle when you come home, and also when she gets excited. :) She loves long walks (anywhere), she has visited the beach, play parks, and the river. She is a very good traveller, and loves going for rides.

Lilly loves to be with people, but she doesn't like being left alone -she needs to have company (either human or canine) to be at her happiest. She does not like loud abrupt noise, or big moths. No fireworks or duck shooting please.

Lilly is no longer racing  (due to age) and she is left behind in the kennels every race day. She misses going to the races and being amid all the activity.
It is now Lilly's time to retire and enjoy just being Lilly. She needs a loving home and family that will be there, just for her. Once she feels safe and secure, she will give back ten fold.
She will always make you smile. :)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl! :-)