Some cute ads and the latest video from NZ Racing

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
I often get sent links to the cutest TV ads featuring greyhounds, both racing and retired ones, and I always promise myself that I would put them on the blog. Yet, with all the updates from recently adoipted dogs, updates from foster care etc, I somehow never get to do it!
So tonight, while watching the Olympics, I thought to compile the links to these ads and post them here. So, here goes:
First is Aviva Car insurance, Irish ad I think?

And of course, the FAMOUS Sketchers' Mr. Quiggly:

And a bit of trivia regarding Mr. Quiggly and Sketchers:

 On February 1, before the ad was aired, Skechers stock (code SKX) was $12 a share. After the "Mr Quiggly" ad aired during the Super Bowl, the stock popped to $14.25 in two weeks. This week, Skechers stock closed at $19.24 ! Coincidence...or?  (Data from )

Next is the ABSOLUT GREYHOUND Coctail ad -how realistic are these greyhound robots?

And last but not the least -this is a promo video done by New Zealand Racing Association recently, on employment in racing , aswell as community involvement. No robots here, but it does have some amazing statistics: