Update from foster care : Surfie (Surfer Foot)

Thursday, August 30, 2012
Gorgeous little Surfie (Surfer Foot) is in foster care with Cora and Damian in Christchurch, and we just got this update from them:
Surfie has settled in really well and is enjoying life with us all. We all get a very excited greeting in the mornings and after we return home. She is great with the children and very well behaved with them. One of her favourite activities is picking up toys from our 5 year old's bedroom and taking them to her bed in the lounge !! She doesn't damage the toys - she just likes to collect them (and shoes, slippers, cushions etc) ! :)

Surf also likes to run around the garden exploring by herself and follows me around when I'm gardening. She has met the alpacas (we have 7) through the fence and play bows and barks at them but they don't want to play!

 She runs beside my son when he rides his bike around the garden. She has learnt to play with a ball and has learnt to pick up a tennis ball at a fast run and will sometimes bring it back. My older daughter (14) likes to bring her friends home to show them Surf and to let them see how fast she can run. She is quite an attraction!!

 We can see that she loves to run flat-out and we love to watch her - she is sooooo fast.

 I have walked her up to primary school to drop the children off and she walked very well and was very well behaved - and this was only three or four days after we got her. Lots of people admired her.

 When it is just me (or me and Damian) at home during the day she sleeps most of the day on her bed but when the children are home she follows them around and plays with them.

She waits for her food, knows wait before coming in to the house, has learnt her name and comes when called indoors and unsually comes when called outside unless distracted. Must admit she has been very easy to train as we haven't been actively "training" her, she learns quickly and wants to please. She has met two small dogs (miniature pinchers) and a labrador at home (and another larger dog at the local dog park) and been excellent with them.

She is a lovely girl and we love having her. Can't get over how calm she can be - she can be running flat out in the garden one minute and then standing so still next to you for a pat and cuddle the next minute. One funny habit she has is pushing herself between your legs when you are walking and standing there for a fuss. She has done this from day one with us and we think it is so cute. All in all a great dog and she is an excellent ambassador for the greyhound breed - we would thoroughly recommend getting a greyhound as a pet.