Update from foster care : Tux (Not Suited)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gorgeous Tux ( Not Suited ) has been in a home for a while -now he is back at GAP, due to no fault of his own. One of the children in his family got alergic to him - so  we need to find Tux  a new home.
He is currently in foster care with Jacqui, John and Lace in Masterton, and he just sent us an update:
Yes, I can hear you saying how handsome I am already.  You won’t get any arguments on that from my foster Mum and Dad Jacqui and John.  I have settled in really well and made great friends with their hound Lace.  She thinks she is the boss round here, but I just let her get whichever bed she wants just for the quiet life!!!
Lace is a bit older than me and not so keen to jump off the bed and bark a hello when Mum and Dad get home but I am okay with that.  I love my cuddles and can’t wait – Lace prefers not to bother getting up and waits for cuddles to come to her.  Daft if you ask me!! 
Lace and me :)
I am a really good boy in the house and spend my time with Lace without any problems, we are great mates and love each having each other around.  I have even learned a couple of commands and with a bit of a treat for a reward I will sit (bit sideways but I am very tall after all) and I bow too.  I do like a lot of attention so sometimes get sent to my bed but I am always good and do as I am told.
Poor old Dad has been made redundant and Mum is very sad cos I think they were going to keep me forever.  Still if things change soon maybe I will be lucky.  I gave Mum loads of cuddles when I saw she was sad, I think that helped heaps.  We all need a bit of TLC and love sometimes :)