Update from Angel (Lyndour Gem)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Angel with her Doberman brother Tama :)
Gorgeous girl Angel (Lyndour Gem) now lives with  Ginny and Rob in Hamilton. She has a new brother too -Tama The Doberman! :)

We just got this update from Ginny:

Angel and Tama are so opposite -well, except for their love of the fire and their soft beds!! :)
I highly recomend the mix of such temperaments -  Angel is so calm and takes no offence at anything , while Tama has always been so staunch.
I was worried that Tama could hurt her as he is rough at play...that was before we saw Angel outdo him in their favourite wrestling match- and now she's the best at it! And of course she is the fastest at games! :)
 We all love her !