Havoc arrives to GAP! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012
Am I pretty or what? Yes, my name is Havoc :)

Gorgeous little Havoc (Beatrix Kiddo) was delivered to GAP Sanson by her trainer Ben Craik last week. Sonja (GAP Kennel Manager) took this cute photo of Havoc and Ben:

Havoc arrives at GAP! (featuring Irene on the left :)
We have been following Havoc's racing career and looking forward to her arriving to GAP upon retirement: her Mum aswell as all her brothers and sisters have been already homed by GAP (they did not do so well in racing, so have been retired early). Havoc, though, turned out to be a good little racer. Her trainer sent me this podium photo of her:
Havoc with her trainers Ben and Tracey Craik
Havoc's Mum is famous racer and later show dog Thrilling Kim. After stellar racing career, Kim had a litter of puppies, and then went on to become a show greyhound who gained NZ Champion title ! Impressive or what? Here is gorgeous Kim at the peak of her show dog career:

Beautiful Kim (Thrilling Kim)
After her show dog career, Kim was retired yet again and now lives in Kapiti. You can see pictures of her and her new home here.

All Havoc's littermates have already been retired  - here they are:

Shiloh (nee Shawn), (New Thing Now), now lives in Auckland. You can see her on the blog, here.
Shiloh (New Thing Now)
Stevie (No Spoken Word) was trained both for racing and for breed showing. Like her Mum, she also gained NZ Champion title. She now lives with Monique and family in Palmerston North. You can see her update on the blog , here.
Beautiful Stevie (No Spoken Word)
Tosh (King Tosh) now lives in Waikato. We never got any pictures of him from his retirement home -so if his owners are reading this, please do send us some pictures of the gorgeous boy!
Tosh (King Tosh)
Vulcan (Sunset Spock) is currently up for adoption and is in a foster home in Auckland. You can see him on the blog, here.
Vulcan (Sunset Spock)
And of course, last but not least, little Sasha, who now lives in Upper Hutt, and whose picture i dont have!:( Will work on that :)