Kingi's GAP journey

Saturday, September 1, 2012
Sonja (GAP Kennel Manager) had a great idea recently : to 'follow' newly retired GAP greyhound from arrival to adoption and post his progress and pictures on GAP Facebook page.
First doggie to be chosen for this was cute Kingi (King's Portrait). For those of you who are not on Facebook, I thought ot copy all the pictures (taken by Sonja) here on this blog.
Here we go (you can click on pictures to see full size):
August 20th:
Today, Kingi (King's Portrait) was delivered to GAP by his trainer Kathy Wilson of Auckland.
  I decided to photograph his GAP journey, from arrival to adoption and when I told Kathy,
she thought that was amusing!! "Anything for GAP", she said :) 
August 21:
Day 2 and Kingi is settling well into the GAP kennels and our routine :)
Typically, racing greyhounds lead a structured life with a good routine. This structure (as well as socialisation and handling), is the main reason they are so easy to integrate into pet life. Kingi, like most greyhounds that come to GAP, is settling in quickly and enjoying tucking into 2 meals a day of Nutrience!
August 23:
Day 4 and Kingi has met some other dog breeds including Gibson the miniature poodle (pictured) and Pippy the fox terrier. He also met Rove and Bailey the 'GAP cats' and passed sociability testing with them all. Kingi is a very well mannered, playful, affectionate hound. Stay tuned!
August 24th:
Day 5 and Kingi is now on GAP's 'We Need Homes' page. He is laid back, sociable, nicely confident, great on lead, clean in his kennel and super cuddly. What a guy!!
August 25th:

Whilst at GAP, the greyhounds get a 'physical examination'. This assessment does not replace a vet check and is as much about looking for injury and health issues as it is for assessing the greyhound's acceptance of general handling.
Kingi is in fantastic condition and currently weighs in at 34kg.
We confirmed whilst assessing him that he has a retained testicle so a 'search and rescue' will be in order when he goes to the vet on Monday ;)

August 27th:
Kingi checked into the GAP vet today (Southern Rangitikei Veterinary Services) for neutering and a general check up. He was a little distracted when I took this photo as there was a goat checking in at the same time!
August 30th:
Kingi was so polite when he met the 'GAP cats'
Before they leave the kennels, all GAP hounds are treated to a hydrobath and nail trimming. Most of them tolerate the Dremel grinder without a fuss and Kingi was no exception.
September 1st:
GAP Kennel managers are very experienced in matching retired greyhounds to their new families, to make sure all of them enjoy their future life together. Kingi was matched to his new parents, Elena and Slava from Auckland, who drove down from Auckland to collect him :)
Kingi spent 12 days altogether in GAP.