Meet Amy (Ice Ice Amy) - the "Canteen" greyhound

Saturday, September 15, 2012
Beautiful Amy
Almost two years ago, I wrote about two gorgeous young greyhound girls who raced for CanTeen New Zealand, an organisation supporting young people living with cancer. The link to that post is  here:

Now, the girls have retired due to age (they are both 4 years old) - and Amy has just arrived to GAP (her friend "Jackpot Jackie" will follow shortly).

I just heard from Michael Cox, Amy's (and Jackie's) owner who is thrilled with their progress , and all the work they have done for Canteen. Michael just wrote to me:

That is wonderful news that Amy has progressed well through the GAP program, I hope she becomes a great pet for someone. I am sure Jackie will do very well also, she was very sweet when I had her as a puppy.
I regularly get approached by various charities for a small contribution so I thought I would try and combine charity with my passion for greyhounds. I had a couple of young greyhounds at home in Sydney at the time who I thought would make handy chasers, two black bitches called Amy and Jackie. What appealed about Canteen other than being a very deserving group was that they wanted like to get trackside and support the dogs too. I had the pleasure of meeting a number of the young people involved at Addington raceway one evening and having a chat and few pic's with Amy and Jackie. The bitches both had good careers under the care of Rangiora greyhound trainer Gary Cleeve and his family;  it was very heartwarming seeing them win a tidy sum of money for Canteen. I would also like to thank Ashley Bradshaw (who worked with   and took care of Amy and Jackie) for her efforts with the dogs. :)

Ashley and Amy trackside in 2010, with Amy wearing her Canteen Bandana
Amy in GAP Sanson today, 15/9/2012


gyeong said...

She is a strikingly beautiful girl. She'll find a great home in no time.