Jewel Racing Kennels retired hounds :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Last week someone recommended the Facebook page of Jewel Racing Kennels in Canterbury (Facebook page:

As someone who loves racing I liked it immediately and - on their page, I found a picture of a truly amazing greyhound Turbine Bale (or, for friends, Fred).

Fred won the NZ Derby in 2008, as well as many other races - his stakes total was over $104,000!
 He retired in his trainers house (he never came to GAP), where he apparently  promptly became a couch potato. :)
 He loves sprawling over the furniture and lying on his back. He loves food , especially chocolate!!   (which he is not allowed but does try his best!)
Here are his photos:
Fred (Turbine Bale) on his couch!
Fred still tries to get into the racing van :)

Even in the snow, Fred thinks he can sneak some food :)
Another greyhound retired with her trainers in this racing kennel is beautiful Gertie (Gershwin Jewel). I will copy what her trainers wrote about her on their FB page:
Gertie is coming up 12 .She has always been a pet and raced off the couch. She was bred out of two dogs we raced,  had two litters but they cramped her couch potato style! She has been a real gem in our family and now is the boss of the house! Gertie is usually asleep on the couch, legs in the air. She seems happy at the moment, she does have diabetes but we  think it is stable. However she is totally blind and sometimes bangs into things. Im amazed at how well she does get around but it must be scary for her when shes not sure where she is. Usually she just stops and barks and waits for us to direct her. She is nearly 12 and not sure what the future holds for her. Love you Gertie xx
Gertie sunbathing