Update from foster care: precious Bridgette and Lilly

Monday, September 10, 2012
Always together...
Beautiful Bridgette and Lilly are in foster care with Cynhia and her Monty The Corgi in Palmerston North. We just got this update:
They've settled in well and made themselves at home, think they are just glad to be in a home again. Lilly is the 'wiggly' one, her whole body wags not just her tail, and Bridgette is more serious and quiet. Hopefully she will come out of her shell more as she settles down.
It's really difficult to get photos of them by themselves as they are always together or close by anyway. Every time you turn around there are two pairs of eyes watching you to see what you are up to!
They love going for walks and meeting dogs down at the river. Bridgette comes into her own when we are down there she gets so excited seeing other dogs and can't wait to meet them. They are such sweet dogs and are a pleasure to have in the house.