Meet our foster boy Thys (Gold For Thys)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Our current foster boy Thys (Gold For Thys) is a beautiful dog who thinks he is a movie star! The first time you ask him to do something, he will smile and tell you "I have people for that....just contact them and they will sort it!".... :) He is very handsome, gorgeous light fawn color, tall and striking 35kg greyhound with a  huge smile :)
One from the portfolio :)
A loving friendly dog, Thys gets on great with our pack, and is so full of fun! He is bouncy and boisterous but quickly settles and calms in the house.  He loves to be around you, but also loves to be outdoors. He will happily play in the garden and sleep and sunbathe in the conservatory.
Thys really loves water and will spend hours playing in the paddling pool  and 'digging' in the water (you can click on photos to see full size) :
Like all our foster greyhounds, Thys has been attending Canine Good CItizen classes in our local dog training club and he really  enjoys them! He really loves to please (despite being a movie star!) and enjoys doing things right. I took this  picture of him during the class last week (he was handled by one of the lovely GAP volunteers):
Yup - of course I learned how to sit! :)
Thys would be awesome for a fun filled home, with maybe some teenagers around to have fun with! He loves kids but is probably a bit too boisterous for little ones. :)  He would be perfectly OK left at home while people go to work -he would spend the day relaxing and playing with his toys, and of course, digging in his paddling pool. This is why he is taking the paddling pool (from pictures above) to his new home -he has informed us that is was essential! :)
Yup -I am bringing my paddling pool with me!
With Benjamin The Corgi