Update from Morse (nee Horse -Whanganui)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Morse with his Dad Barry :)
Gorgeous Morse  (nee Horse, racing name Whanganui) went to his retirement home in Nelson a few weeks ago and has already settled in great. His new parents Sheila and Barry sent us this update and pictures:

From the Horse's mouth:

I am loving it here. My new mum and dad have changed my name slightly to Morse, like Inspector Morse on the TV programme, as they say I am such a clever and sophisticated chap. :)
I love the runs on the mud flats near home each day, but I trot along politely on the lead when I have to. I have met other hounds in Nelson, and even had my friend Jock the border collie come for a sleep over.
I am eating lots of good grub, always ask to go out to the garden for toilet stops, and have 2 lovely beds, one up and one down, to sleep on all day. I find the tiles in the lounge a bit slippery for my long legs, but hey!! I'll soon get the hang of them! 
Wherever we go people stop and ask about me, and I lean into them for a rub, and look into their eyes while mum and dad tell them about GAP and what a great way it is to get a lovely dog. All in all I think I have really fallen on my feet. Thanks GAP!!!


Greyhounds For Sale said...

I absolutely love seeing dogs being taken care of after their careers are over. This is awesome!