Update from Trip (Triplem Hand)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gorgeous ex-racer Trip (Triplem Hand) went to live with Laura and Lee in Wellington in July this year - and here is their update on their life with the new addition:

With over-anxious first time parents poor Trip has to put up with a lot. We stood around staring at him awkwardly when he first came inside, on guard for the first signs of him making a mess. Quick to please, Trip delicately sat in the centre of the living room. We panicked- "Greyhounds don't sit, he must be about to do a poo on the carpet- outside, quick!".
There were grand plans of Trip being an outside dog during the day. Those plans lasted about 5 seconds. Recently retired gentlemen do not abide the outdoors. We have a shiny new kennel if anyone needs one?
Very friendly and overly enthusiastic to meet local dogs , Trip is starting to get a reputation around the neighbourhood- everyone is giving a wide berth to the small pony with the blue coat and muzzle. :)
Trip is an utterly independent hound, who is teaching us a lot. The value of an afternoon splayed on the floor, the simple joy in going for a drive, early mornings and jogging (/trying to keep up with him) at the beach.
Thanks to the GAP family for all your advice and support!


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