Update from Bart (Know Truth)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Little Bart (Know Truth) was a awesome racer. Bred by Rangiora trainer Gary Cleeve, Bart certainly made his mark at the track.
After retirement, he was adopted by the Lambert family from Waikanae recently. We just got an update from them:

Bart has settled in really well, he's lovely, cuddly and cheeky so fits in here well :) He loves going for walks, knows all the houses where dogs and cats live, but stays close to us and listens well.

Bart has adjusted well to living with three young boys, (although the drum kit took a a few days to get used to) and is now following the boys out to the garden much to their delight.
We love his mischievous ways, the standing on the back of the couch when we are not home to keep watch for our return, the brief attempt at trying to take over our 5 yr olds bed by jumping on and literally trying to push him out, the attempts to steal any food that takes his fancy - even while someone is eating it! Bart is a quick learner as to what is acceptable though, but he keeps us on our toes by trying something 'new' to see what he can get away with.

He's a perfect fit to our family and we love him to bits!
The photos attached are a typical day for Bart, from the playing outside with the boys, having a four year old determined to lay down like Bart, to the numerous sleeping styles...and of course the keeping watch for our return!
Thank you so much all at GAP, you do such an awesome job!!


Anonymous said...

Bart is absolutely gorgeous! I can imagine the look of disdain first time he heard the drum kit!

Sorry to crash the post Fatima. We sent an update for Triplem Hand a few months ago and I don't think it's gone up on the blog yet.