Charlie (Staring Charlie) in his new home in Auckland

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Charlie (Staring Charlie) is Oscar's (Unplugged) brother - and we have had the priviledge of fostering both of the gorgeous boys :-)
I just got pictures of Charlie in his new home :-) He now lives with Mike, Alison and their family in Auckland.

Mike sent us this update:
Nearly two weeks with Charlie and we’ve never looked back. He’s learnt that the kitchen is out of bounds and he’s very polite when he’s going through doors. He was a bit scared of the stairs at first so we stayed down in the lounge with him most evenings but it seems he got fed up so mustered up enough bravery to make his own way to the upstairs living room!
He’s definitely a big fan of the beach, but sleeping is still his favourite pastime!