Our new foster greyhound: Chester (Ginger Biscuit)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There's a new GAP foster greyhound in town :-) Chester (Ginger Biscuit) is a lovely 2 year old red fawn boy. He is very gentle, still a bit unsure about this pet business :-) but very brave and interested in everything. He is a real sweetie, great inside the house, I swear he has already toilet-trained himself (he arrived yesterday!). He barks once or twice when he wants to go out to toilet :-)
He slept through the night and loves toys and his bed, he is very very cute :-)

This was his second day with us and first visit to the park and velodrome. He had lots of fun with Louie (Charlston State), Lucy and Beryl (Winsome Deluxe).
Beryl thinks he's a sweetie and told him if he had any problems or questions she'd be happy to help:-) She followed him around, just in case he needed any help or had any questions LOL!
Below: Chester with Lucy and Beryl:

Below: Chester with Louie

Chester with Louie and Beryl:

Below: with Beryl

Below: Sue with Chester and Louie
Below: Chester and Frankie :-)

and Sue with everybody : :-)

Beryl's and Frankie's Mum Sue also took the video below: (thanks a million Sue!)

(if you double-click on the link below it will play in full size in a new window)