Feilding GAP greyhounds racing at the local velodrome :-)

Sunday, June 6, 2010
Last week we took the complete Feilding GAP contingent to the velodrome in Timona Park, where they had a mighty run! Greyhounds love to race around it and pretend they're back on the track :-)
We usually go to the velodrome when we want to offleash foster dogs (or newly adopted dogs) as the velodrome is fully fenced;
Louie, Lucy, Beryl and Fish are all recall-trained, dont need fully-fenced areas and usually run in the park itself, with other dogs of all breeds.
If you need a fully fenced training area for your greyhound -do check your local velodrome! I know that most of them have "NO DOGS ALLOWED" signs, but if you talk to the cycling club secretary or the velodrome manager, and explain that you would like to run and train your hound there, I am sure most of them would be happy to make an exception! Velodromes are great as they are big, fully fenced, with grassy areas in the middle. We trained Lucy to recall perfectly to us in the Feilding velodrome :-)

The occassion for the velodrome trip this time was Blue: Blue (Belfast Blue) is a newly adopted GAP greyhound, joining the Feilding hounds Louie (Charlston State), Lucy, Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and Fish (Thrilling Fish). He had only been in his new home 2 days when this video was taken (4th June) and this is his first time meeting his new greyhound friends:-) He had a blast even though he didn't like having his muzzle on!
These videos were shot by Beryl's Mum Sue -thanks a million again Sue! (Note from Sue: Excuse the dreadful filming, most of the time I couldn't see a thing!)
Before watching, make sure you have your volume on, as Sue , as always, has got fantastic music choices :-)
Beryl is black and white,
our foster girl '2 Spot' is snow white :-)
Lucy is a small black girl,
Fish is a handsome black boy with blue collar,
Louie is Mummy's beautiful boy, a big black doggie with Burberry collar :)
and Blue is handsome blue greyhound (you dont see much of Blue on these videos though -he had a short run and then went to be close to his new Mum and Nana :-)

After a gallop round the velodrome it's time for a cool down canter:-) Except for Lucy who doesn't know anything but flat out galloping and flat out on the grass after it, lol!